What is Cabinet Refacing?

Same Cabinets, New Look

With cabinet refacing, it’s possible to drastically upgrade your existing cabinets without the hassle of starting over. Cabinet refacing is an ideal option if you’re looking to enhance your kitchen but don’t want the expense of new cabinetry. And best of all, if you combine cabinet refacing with our one day countertop replacement program, your kitchen will have a whole new look and feel.

With cabinet refacing, customers typically get doors and drawer fronts, as well as door handles, pulls and hinges. With our cabinet refacing program, your kitchen will remain functional for the duration of the project, which is typically completed in less than a week. Contact us today to take the first step towards a better kitchen!

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Cabinet Refacing for Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing for Columbus Ohio

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Our Cabinet Refacing Process

Cabinet Refacing In Home Visit & Planning

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We schedule a convenient time to discuss your project at your home. You’ll be asked the right questions to ensure you get an accurate quote with no surprises. We’ll bring plenty of ideas and samples for you to choose from!

Cabinet Refacing In Home Visit & Planning

Step 2: Price Quote

You receive a formal price quote and proposal based on your specific project. We will take time to go over the proposal in detail to make sure you understand and approve each item, so we’re on the same page moving forward.

Custom Cabinet Refacing - Measurements - Columbus Ohio

Step 3: Measurements

A field technician will spend several hours precisely measuring all details of your cabinetry for the new doors, drawer boxes, frames and moldings. High tech machinery and fine Amish craftsmanship combine to produce the finest hardwood parts and finishes in the industry.

Cabinet Refacing Columbus - Installation

Step 4: Installation

After dust and flooring protection are carefully placed to protect your home, the cabinetry will be refitted with brand new fronts, moldings and hardware. Installers will spend time each evening organizing tools and sweeping away dust to ensure the kitchen is functional and safe for use.

Samuel was great to work with, they did a beautiful job refinishing existing cabinet. Included new drawers/doors/handles and reconfiguring the center section from open space to additional storage space. They were on time, kept space clean and completed project as promised.

– Kim McLaughlin

Cabinet Refacing Gallery

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Countertop Replacements of Columbus Ohio Before PhotoCountertop Replacements of Columbus Ohio After Photo
Cabinet Refacing Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing Columbus Ohio
Cabinet Refacing for Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing for Columbus Ohio
Cabinet Refacing for Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing for Columbus Ohio
Cabinet Refacing for Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing for Columbus Ohio
Cabinet Refacing for Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing for Columbus Ohio
Cabinet Refacing for Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing for Columbus Ohio
Cabinet Refacing for Columbus OhioCabinet Refacing for Columbus Ohio

Choose Your Cabinets

Use our selection tool to explore your cabinet refacing style and color options.

Cabinet Refacing FAQ’s

Are my cabinets suitable for re-facing?

Most cabinet boxes that are structurally sound are well-suited for our transformation process. We will always inspect your cabinetry and inform you of potential problems before writing a proposal.

Am I able to change my layout or add cabinetry?

Having 100 years of cabinet building heritage helps make our process flexible. We are happy to add new cabinetry or modify existing cabinets to complete your dream design.

How long does the whole process take?

Each kitchen is unique and installation time will vary accordingly. However, the average kitchen may be completed in as little as 5 days. Installers will arrive each morning at the arranged time and work full days to complete the project in a timely manner.

Do I need to be at home throughout the installation?

We prefer that you are present when we arrive in the morning, however after the installers begin the work, you can choose to stay around or go about your business.

Is it a messy process? How much clean-up will I have?

We like to tell our installers to “leave the job cleaner than you found it.” However in spite of our best efforts….some additional cleaning may be required.

How do I pick out my design colors and styles?

We bring cabinet and hardware samples to your home or will accompany you to a gallery. Whatever it takes, we like to help you make the right choice. You can also use our door style chooser above.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Your main job is to empty the cabinetry ahead of our arrival. In addition, fragile items should be taken from the countertops and walls. We also suggest as much space be made available as possible so our installers can work efficiently. Tip – as you are emptying the cabinetry, set aside your most used items on a folding table in an adjacent room. It will help keep you functional during the project.

What about countertops and backsplash?

If you want a new countertop and backsplash to be a part of your transformation, that will happen right after we’ve completed the cabinetry. No need to hire multiple contractors or deal with the headache of coordinating it all.

Your Cabinets Could Use An Upgrade

We want to help! If you live in the Columbus or greater Central Ohio area, contact us about cabinet refacing today!

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