Full Access Cabinetry: A Better Choice


Our full access cabinetry combines European engineering with the old standards of strength and durability. We’ve experimented with lots of designs and come up with our own unique blend. It’s dynamic and you’ll appreciate what it has to offer.

Custom Amish Made Full Access Cabinets Columbus Ohio
Custom Full Access Cabinetry Columbus


Time, materials and money are saved by eliminating face frames. You’ll maximize the storage space in your cabinets and find things more accessible than before.


Each cabinet is designed, drawn, fabricated and assembled from scratch so all our cabinets are infinitely customizable. You get to make it personal by making it custom.

New Full Access Cabinetry Columbus Ohio
New Full Access Cabinetry Ohio


Every cabinet is designed with strength in mind and incorporates hidden supports that double as channels for flush-mount under-cabinet lighting. A 4 step finish process and pre-finished maple interiors offer great durability. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your kitchen will last.

No matter what product you choose, it will be fabricated and installed by the finest industry professionals.

Our Cabinets: Serious Strength, Serious Beauty

We offer a lot of optional accessories at Troyer Transformations. Here are just a few of your options:

Full Access Cabinetry Accessory

Base Cabinet Pullouts

Silberware & Tray Insert

Silberware & Tray Insert

Full Access Cabinetry Accessory Wave Knife Block

Wave Knife Block

Full Access Cabinetry Accessory

Base Cabinet Pullouts

Full Access Cabinetry Accessory

Cookie Tray Pullout

Full Access Cabinetry Accessory

Waste Drawer

New Full Access Cabinetry Accessory Shelving System

X Series Shelving System

Cabinet Accessory Base Cabinet Organizer

Base Cabinet Organizer

Custom Cabinetry Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Full Access Cabinetry Accessory

Spice Organizer

Full Access Cabinetry Accessory


Full Access Cabinetry Accessory


Full Access Cabinetry Accessory


Full Access Cabinetry Accessory

Custom Accessory

Project completed on a timely basis with a beautiful end result. Looks like a brand new kitchen and turned out exactly how we imagined. They were on time every day, cleaned up and protected our floors/granite during the entire process. We did research on several companies and Troyer is the best option.

– Mike Pritchard

New Cabinetry FAQ’s

Is full access cabinetry only for modern kitchen designs?

In full access cabinetry, the doors and drawer fronts fully cover the cabinet boxes. This is known as “full-overlay”. It lends itself well to a wide range of styles from traditional raised panel to ultra-modern.

Will I be without a kitchen for several months?

Down-time will vary based on the scope of the project. However, you can expect to have a functional kitchen within 3 weeks. Find out more about the timeline and how we can help make it nearly pain-free.

What’s the cost difference between new cabinetry and refacing?

New cabinetry nearly always costs more for the same look. That said, the cost varies depending on the finish, materials used, and more. Contact us for details.

Will I need to replace my flooring as well?

It is completely up to you if you want to replace your flooring. Our employees will cover your floor and do our best to avoid any damage so you can keep it. But, if you’d like new flooring, we have contacts with some of the best flooring professionals in the Columbus area. Just ask!

Can I add accessories?

We will go over all of your accessory options at the beginning of the project and you’ll be able to select exactly what you want. If you’d like to add an accessory after the initial price quote, or during the project, you’re free to do so. Please be aware that there may be additional costs involved depending on the accessory you’d like to add and the progress of the job.

A New Kitchen is Just Around The Corner!

If you want to transform your kitchen and you live in the Columbus Ohio area, we’d love to hear from you!

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